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  • What is Usenet?

    Usenet can be regarded as a separate server on which fanatical groups discuss all kinds of topic and where people share files and information. We mention 'a' separate server, but in fact Usenet runs on an entire network of computers and servers that all work together, across the entire world!

  • What does Usenet cost?

    Usenet is not expensive at all. You select a subscription from your provider that enables you to download everything without costs. Our starter packages costs less than 2 Euros per months which you can make use of Usenet with. The price is dependent on the number of connections and the download speed, as these two influence the quality that we can provide and the joy and ease of Usenet.

  • Which Usenet provider should I choose?

    Try a subscription via ViperNews. We offer the fastest, safest and easiest access to Usenet, for the lowest price. All of our excellent subscriptions can be tried, because we offer a 7 days money back guarantee! Take advantage!

  • Is Usenet safe?

    Usenet via ViperNews is really safe as we ensure that you can make use of a safe connection. With this connection, the data between your computer and the server is encrypted with TLS/SSL so no criminals or other entities will be able to read or modify the (sensitive) data.

What is Usenet?

Usenet can be regarded as a separate server on which fanatical groups discuss all kinds of topic and that people share files and information on. We did mention 'a' separate server, but Usenet operates on an entire network of computers and servers that all collaborate, across the world! This is the reason why Usenet cannot be found via Google Chrome or Internet Explorer or any other browser. A peer-to-peer network is another name for this collaboration of networks and computers. A 'peer' in this case, is a component, whenever one component is missing, it is substituted by all the other computers and servers. In fact, Usenet is the predecessor of the World Wide Web. The reason that it is still kept running and is, as such, in operation is the peer-to-peer network: the risk of the network failing is minimal.

What can you do with Usenet?

Usenet is basically a collection of fora. Every forum has its own subject and thus its own related discussions and files to be viewed or downloaded. Are you interested in a specific subject, are you keen to follow the politics in every country or are you the first one to spot new artists or are you looking for advice about something? You can find it on Usenet. Usenet is popular, because it provides anonymity and freedom, but also convenience of use, e.g. download speed and the huge range of different subjects play a major part in this popularity.

Usenet is still popular, despite Netflix

Another advantage of Usenet it has good quality films and series that can even be downloaded. Is your internet unstable, for example because you are on holiday or sitting in the garden, then the use of streaming service may be disrupting. The image stutters or sound and vision or not synchronised. Downloaded files won't cause these issues and you can easily relax on the beach or in the garden with you telephone, laptop or tablet, watching downloaded films or series.

Is Usenet legal?

Luckily it is! Subscribing to Usenet via ViperNews is certainly legal, just like reading and responding to posts, while in most cases, downloading content is also legal. There is a BUT: the video, the sound file, programs or other files must be unrestrictedly accessible and may not include copyright! Copyright implies that the maker of the work is the only person to publish and perhaps copy the file. That is why it is forbidden to upload or download someone else's work. Any work you created yourself can thus be posted on Usenet. The downloading of files with copyright could lead to a fine.

What is the difference with ordinary internet?

The main difference with ordinary internet is that internet runs on a service that is accessible to everyone, via the browser and Usenet isn't. You need to approach a Usenet provider and install software. Articles, files and discussion on Usenet cannot simply be reached through your browser. Via TCP/IP protocol you access the internet, but only with the extension of an NNTP protocol you will be able to login on Usenet. Ordinary internet requires an internet connection, but that does not give you access to Usenet. To get there, you can contact ViperNews.

Which Usenet package will best suit you?

To help you on your way just a bit, we explain several things here, that are important when it comes to sorting out the best subscription for you. This concerns for instance: the current internet speed, the number of connections and the number of downloads and uploads that can be processed with the ViperNews service package of your choice.

Current internet speed and download speed

Your current internet speed also relates to the maximum download speed of Usenet. The thing is this: the speed of your internet equals the maximum download speed. This is expressed in Mbit/s. With a speed test via your internet provider you can tell the exact speed of your internet. If this is 45 or 50 Mbit/s, then the 50 Mbit/s package will best suit you. With 50 Mbit/s you can download 6.25 Mb per second. So if you have a file of 80 MB you wish to download, this will only take 12.8 seconds! Usenet is a popular platform for people who download, because the download speed is much faster than on the internet. ViperNews gets the best out of your internet connection. Whether your request a regular DSL connection or the latest 1Gbps FttpH internet connection articles of Usenet, we will do our utmost to get the maximum out of your internet connection.

Usenet connections

The maximum number of connections that you can use is essential when selecting a package. In all our packages, we offer a maximum number of connections that can be used simultaneously, via your account. The cheapest package involves 5 connections and the fastest and for the most expensive package this is 40 connections. The connections are important, because most files consist of multiple parts. Of course you prefer to download all the parts simultaneously, because that is faster than one at a time. For every part, you create a new connection. Together, these parts form a film, article, series or software. The more parts, the faster the download will go.

Usenet safety

Usenet via ViperNews is quite safe. This is because we ensure that you can make use of a safe connection. What subsequently happens on Usenet cannot be viewed by anyone, you are completely anonymous on Usenet. Also your IP-address cannot be tracked. Our packages come with a safe connection via TLS (Transport Layer Security), also known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). TLS is the more modern and improved version of SSL, but SSL sounds more familiar. This connection ensures that the data between e.g. the browser and the server is encrypted, so no criminals or entities can read or modify the (sensitive) data. Usenet will provide protection for the data between the servers.

Uploading to Usenet

In some locations on the internet it is stated that you cannot or may not upload files yourself. That is incorrect though! Own work and files without copyright can always be uploaded on Usenet. You can add your file by posting it with one of the Usenet groups. Once you have succeeded, the file can be found through the search engines within Usenet. It may take up to a few minutes before the files actually becomes visible in the search engines. This relates to the fact that the servers must all connect first. The file is sent through, as it were, from one server to the other. Since there are so many servers that all keep Usenet running, it takes a while before everything has been sent through. Uploading of files requires an upload speed, which is different from download speed. the download speed is often 10 times as high as the upload speed. ViperNews does its utmost to ensure the fastest upload of your files!

What does Usenet cost?

Usenet is by no means expensive. You select a subscription from your provider and subsequently you can download everything for free. We offer starter packages for even less than €2 per month to make use of Usenet. The price depends on the number of connections and the download speed, as these two also affect the quality that we can provide and the joy and easy of Usenet.

ViperNews Usenet services

Our services are premium quality. Want to start quickly with Usenet? Then select one of our three packages. With every package you benefit from the highest possible speed while using Usenet, even when you have a more slow internet connection. In addition, we consider safety and privacy very important when making use of our service. Therefore, we offer safe access to our Usenet platform, via a secured SSL connection TLS coding without extra charge. We also assure you that we will not record or log any of your activities on Usenet. ViperNews not only allows you to search, view and download, but you can also post things. This option is included in our packages. Which package will you choose?


Will you choose the VIPER10? This package is ideal for the starters among us, who mainly view and are not ready yet to upload and/or download huge files simultaneously, because that requires speed. You benefit from 10 Mbit/s, that will easily allow you to upload and download. You can also download limitlessly while making use of 5 connections, that you can retrieve articles, information and documents with. From only €1,79 per month in case of an annual subscription. If you want to be able to cancel monthly, then you pay €1,99 per month. It is this attractive price that makes this package suitable for those who wish to try Usenet.


Do you like to download a lot simultaneously, then of course you do not want to wait endlessly. A higher download speed is desired in that instance. Then go for VIPER50, with a download speed of 50 Mbit/s. This will enable you limitless downloading and uploading from and to Usenet. With this package you benefit from 20 connections and a 7 days money back guarantee! Also this package can be taken out for a month or a year!


The best package for those who make regular use of Usenet is our service package VIPERUNL, that allows you the use of unlimited download speeds and unlimited downloads. You will be using 40 connections simultaneously. Also this subscription can be cancelled monthly or yearly.

ViperNews block accounts

If you do not use Usenet often, but you wish to follow good content once in a while, or to post or download things that cannot be found on the ordinary internet, but you want to make use of the conveniences that are offered by Usenet? Then ViperNews has block accounts for you. The three subscriptions highlighted above are unlimited subscriptions. This is not the case for the block accounts, that will allow you to download a limited number of GBs while making use of the fastest download- and upload speeds on Usenet, with 40 connections. A big advantage is that the GB quantity will never expire. If you do not use Usenet for a month, that is no problem, the GBs will simply be retained. We offer three different block accounts:

  1. 500 GB
  2. 1000 GB
  3. 2000 GB

You pay one-time for these accounts, so this does not concern a subscription. If your GB balance has been used up, you can simply order a new block account from us!

Trying Usenet via ViperNews

Have you meanwhile become curious about Usenet? Or are you somewhat familiar with it, but you are looking for a better provider? Then try a subscription via ViperNews. We offer the fastest, safest and easiest access to Usenet, at the lowest price. All of our unlimited subscriptions can first be tried, because we offer a 7 days money back guarantee. Take advantage now!

ViperNews, your Usenet provider

Do you have any questions about one of the packages in our assortment? Then do not hesitate to go to 'support' on our website. The customer service will always be glad to answer any questions. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, ViperNews has a suitable service for every type of user, to make optimal use of Usenet. And at a very attractive price! In addition to speed, ease of use and safety, we also ensure privacy, while you are on Usenet. We assure that none of your activities on Usenet will be recorded whatsoever. This will make you completely anonymous! A nice bonus of ViperNews is that you can share your account with your friends and family members!