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The best access to Usenet newsgroups

Are you looking for a good provider for Usenet newsgroups? Take a look at the possibilities that we have to offer. At ViperNews you have a wide range of Usenet newsgroups at a very competitive price. In fact, we dare say that we present you the best offer, at a price that starts as low as 1.79 euros! The great thing about this price is that it is not a temporary offer price, but that you pay this price with us all year round. You are not attached to a subscription, we have arranged ViperNews as a prepaid service.

View a Usenet newsgroup with ViperNews

There are many newsgroups on Usenet. It is important to have a provider that can offer you everything you need. We not only give you access to a large number of different groups, but also the best encryption. With our SSL encryption you can be sure that your privacy is guaranteed. We also do not keep a log of the data you access through our servers. With us you can read Usenet newsgroups without hassle. You have the choice of three different packages, our Viper10, Viper50 and ViperUNL.

Newsgroups on the Usenet

If you subscribe to ViperNews, you can immediately get started with viewing all newsgroups that you want. A Usenet newsgroup is a collection of information and files that you can only view if you have a subscription to a newsgroup provider. ViperNews is a young company that already offers you a very complete package of services. So just take a look at our website to see which package best fits your needs. You can also always contact us if you have any questions regarding our service or packages. We can help you make the choice for the package that best suits your needs. With us you will be browsing through Usenet in no time!