Privacy Policy

At ViperNews we take privacy seriously. Below we explain what we do with your personal data.

Billing data

We collect your email address during account creation. Payment data (e.g. credit card details) is collected so our payment processors can process your payment.

Usage monitoring

We monitor usage of your account for two purposes: (1) to identify unauthorized account sharing and (2) to identify spamming, flooding and similar abuse of our systems.

Regarding (1), if we see a suspicious number of different IP addresses in a short time (which normally indicates a hacked account or account sharing) we will inform you and request an explanation. If none is forthcoming we will monitor account logons more closely, and we may block your account if this reveals account sharing or a hacked account.

Regarding (2), we employ automatic logging to track postings by our customers. If we receive complaints or otherwise become aware of unusual or potentially dangerous behavior, we may throttle or block your posting capabilities automatically. We will inform you and request an explanation. If none is forthcoming we will limit your posting capabilities as we see fit.

Website monitoring

We use Google Analytics to monitor visits to our website. We have configured Google Analytics to hide IP addresses and to not share data with other Google services. However we may use Google Analytics data for our own AdWords campaigns.


We use state of the art security to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data. In case we discover a breach anyway, we will notify you and do everything we can to rectify the situation.

Third parties

Data we collect is not used for any other purpose, nor is it shared with third parties except if required by law or ordered by a court. Post logging data is retained for up to 14 days, other data is retained for six months or longer to the extent required by law.

Your rights

You have the right to inspect and edit your personal data. You can do this on your profile page.

You also have the right to remove yourself from our systems. You do this by terminating your account, again through the profile page. Note that we cannot remove postings you made from Usenet, nor correct or remove personal information in such postings. This is due to the nature of the Usenet service.

Contact support if you have any further questions.